Our objective is to host two in-person workshops in 2020-2021, in which research findings and evidence-based information and analytic tools for analyses of health-related disparities in Alzheimer’s disease, related dementias and other prominent age-related diseases are discussed.

Specific Aims to be addressed in this project will be focused on:

  • increasing collaboration and partnership in an interdisciplinary research community focused on analytic methods for large-scale population and clinic-related data
  • constructing a bridge between independent research subgroups
  • identifying ways to achieve synergistic effects in multidisciplinary research by combining innovative approaches developed across different research groups

Ultimately, our long-term goal is to diffuse the active use of advanced analytic methods for analyses of existing big health population datasets in health disparity research.


~PI, Dr. Igor Akushevich (Corresponding PI)
~PI, Dr. Maria Carrillo
~Co-PI, Dr. Carl Hill

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*Due to COVID restrictions, this event will be hosted via Zoom. The url will be sent to all registered participants.