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How things are going so far

My activities have slowed down in the recent couple of days because the lab is starting its mice experiments. All that is required is to grow my cultures out and prepare them into an innoculum for the mice. After that I simply inoculate the mice and watch them for days and record what I see. To be honest, this week has mostly consisted of me trying to get building and ID clearance so I can actually check on the mice for days to come. I have been able to get ID clearance but I’m waiting on going through orientation for the animal facility next week in order to actually observe the mice on my own. I did however innonculate 3 mice on my own, so I am proud of that.

I am a little worried in terms of time because I don’t actaully harvest the mice until the week of the poster session. As a result, I will probably be scrambling to collect the data from the dissection. In fact, we dissect on the day I’m supposed to submit my final draft poster for printing. So in short, I’m a little stressed as to how this is going to play out. I’m prepared to at least explain what the results appear so far in the poster.

Other than this, my experiments last week were successful for the most part. Although, I did make a mistake last week while doing  a PCR.

I was so confused when they came out. I didn’t think it was physically possible, but I made it happen. Basically, I screwed the canister that holds the tubes in the machine too tight and they melted. I couldn’t even get the pipette inside some of the tubes. So I had to do some of them over.

Week 6 – The joys and woes of research – how is your project coming along?

Due Sunday, 15 July, 5 pm