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The Murthy Digital Studio provides low-barrier and immediate access to tools and content for qualitative research organization and analysis, publishing, and coding. Interested in incorporating a tool into your research? Try it out here before you  commit to installing it on your own computer, and learn with others using these tools in their work. Have a tool or two  you’re interested in testing out and comparing? Submit a request to

The Murthy Digital Studio encourages peer-to-peer learning of new tools and approaches. If you belong to a group that uses these or similar tools in your research, or would like to form one, contact the Murthy Digital Studio Team at to schedule and promote meetings in this space.

Our Software

edge software

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The Duke Digital Scholarship Services Murthy Digital Studio is located in The Edge Ruppert Commons for Research, Technology, and Collaboration

The Edge extends Duke University Libraries’ mission by providing a collaborative space for  interdisciplinary, data-driven, digitally reliant or team-based research .

Opening in January 2015 in the renovated first floor of Bostock Library, the Edge brings together resources and expertise to help Duke researchers innovate, in a space that invites discovery, experimenting, and collaboration. Generous funding to create the Edge was made possible through the Duke Forward Campaign.


Bostock Library, Level 1 campus map

The first floor of Bostock will be renovated during the Fall of 2014, to create a centralized physical space on campus next spring that invites discovery, experimenting and collaboration. In the Edge you’ll find


The Edge connects you with resources and specialists and puts you in touch with other research partners at Duke. Get expert advice for

  • Planning and managing the research process, from idea to publication  
  • Analyzing and visualizing research data, from graphs to maps and timelines
  • Sharing your research with others, through presentations, publications and archives


Find tools in the Edge to help you with your research process, from looking for new ideas for a project, to collecting or creating research data, to creating public presentations of your work. Presentations, workshops and on-hand staff assistance point to new possibilities for your research.

  • Data and Visualization Software   (statistics, mapping, and visualization)
  • Scanners  (large-format, overhead, and multi-sheet feed)
  • Training (workshops on research methods and tools)

See the Library’s Edge site for more Information:

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