About the Zhuang Lab

Dr. Yuan Zhuang (Credit: Will Barclay, graduate student, Duke Immunology)

 Research Overview

B and T lymphocytes are responsible for carrying out antigen specific immune reactions and maintaining immune memory against pathogens. The generation and maintenance of a broad repertoire of antigen specific lymphocytes must be tightly regulated throughout life. Perturbation of the regulatory events either by genetic defects or environmental factors may lead to immune system diseases such as immune deficiency, autoimmune syndromes, or leukemia. This laboratory uses molecular biology and mouse genetics to discover the basic principles guiding B and T lymphocyte development and to investigate the genetic basis of lymphoid diseases.

Current Research

  • Function of E-proteins and Id proteins in B and T cell development
  • Mechanisms of antigen receptor gene recombination and expression
  • Autoimmune diseases such as Sjogren’s syndrome
  • Mouse genetics and its application to lymphocyte development

PI Background

  • 1983 ~ B.S. Peking University
  • 1989 ~ Ph.D. Yale University
  • 1995 ~ Assistant Professor of Immunology, Duke University
  • 2002 ~ Associate Professor (with tenure) of Immunology, Duke University
  • 2002 ~ Guest Professor and Co-Director, Institute of Dev. Biology, Fudan University
  • 2009 ~ Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Immunology, Duke University
  • 2011 ~ Professor of Immunology, Duke University

Research Funding

  • National Institute of Health
  • Duke University, Department of Immunology





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