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    About GCS

    I chose to partake in the Grand Challenge Scholars program because the program’s approach to solving some of the most pressing engineering challenges is multifaceted, just like the problems, themselves. The program encourages students to tackle real challenges, and provides the support to approach them with both the depth and breadth needed to address such issues. Through work in the classroom, in the lab, and in the broader global community, the Grand Challenge Scholars program will equip me with the tools I need to design novel approaches to treat disease. Listed below is an overview of the program’s features and requirements.

    The Katsouleas NAE Grand Challenge Scholars Program encourages engineering undergraduates to complete a project that addresses one of the 14 Grand Challenges of Engineering. This interdisciplinary program encompasses five key themes:

    1. A hands-on project or research experience related to one of the Grand Challenges
    2. An interdisciplinary curriculum
    3. Innovation and entrepreneurship experience
    4. A global dimension
    5. Service learning

    Grand Challenge Scholars pursue an experience that is based on these key pillars, and receive a stipend to fund their project. Each Grand Challenge Scholar completes an ePorfolio to document his or her unique experiences.