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    Interdisciplinary Curriculum

    The pursuit of an interdisciplinary education is of the utmost importance. First, the field of engineering often involves multifaceted problems and a broad perspective is necessary to address such issues. Second, the development of critical thinking and analysis, in addition to strong communication skills, is necessary for success. The following are courses that I have taken outside of the STEM curriculum, which I believe to have enhanced my education. Though these courses are not directly related to my GC focus (see Appendix of thesis for justification and conversation with Dr. Schaad), they have certainly enhanced my critical thinking and communication skills, which have certainly impacted my career.


    Art History 298: History of Impressionism

    Instructor: Dr. Robert Antliff

    Date: August 2019-December 2019

    Hours: 90 hours

    This course served as an introduction to Impressionism. The course covered artists such as Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt and Berthe Morisot, as well as the political and social factors that inspired them. Research was conducted on the influence of gender and societal norms on artwork. A midterm, paper and final examination were completed for this class.

    Sociology 343: Migration & Human Trafficking

    Instructor: Dr. Michaeline A. Crichlow

    Date: January 2019-May 2019

    Hours: 90 hours

    This course served as an introduction to human trafficking and migration. Issues that led to and resulted form human trafficking were discussed. Global health issues relating to trafficking, including but not limited to sex trafficking were discussed. Research that focused on the intersection of sex work policy, feminism and their implications on the health of sex workers was conducted.

    Psychology 240: Education Psychology

    Instructor: Dr. Antholene Prillaman

    Date: August 2017-December 2017

    Hours: 110 hours

    This class enabled me to gain insight about the educational system and the ways in which individuals learn. This was a service learning course that provided me with the opportunity to work at the Durham Literacy Center. This course also served as my humanities depth requirement.

    Writing 101: Discourses on Food

    Instructor: Michael Haselton

    Date: January 2017-May 2017

    Hours: 90 hours

    This course served as an introduction to informative and persuasive writing. A common theme of the class was the relationship between diet and health. A research paper was conducted at the end of the semester that entailed the critical analysis of multiple peer-reviewed journal articles. My project investigated the merits of organic food products through the lens of human health. In addition, this course helped to improve my communication skills, which is critical for any successful career.

    Women’s Studies 190S: Divas: Pop, Gender, Sexuality

    Instructor: Michael Haselton

    Date: August 2016-December 2016

    Hours: 90 hours

    This course discussed the intersection between pop culture, gender and sexuality. Books and academic essays were read and analyzed. A research paper was conducted comparing two prominent pop cultures figures, and the personal and societal influences that impacted them.