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    GCS ePortfolio

    Stephanie Zelenetz

    Class of 2020, Major: Biomedical Engineering

    Sea Cliff, NY

    Project: Recombinant Synthesis of Micelle-Forming Diblock Polypeptides for Cancer Immunotherapy

    Focus: Engineer Better Medicines

    Advisor: Dr. Ashutosh Chilkoti (Biomedical Engineering)

    I am a currently a senior, majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in chemistry. Through the Grand Challenge Scholars (GCS) Program, I am fortunate to encounter a variety of diverse experiences including an interdisciplinary curriculum, innovation & entrepreneurship, a global component and community service, all of which will enable me to reach my academic and professional goals. My work is motivated by the National Academy of Engineer’s (NAE) 14 Grand Challenges of Engineering, specifically the need to engineer better medicines. This e-portfolio will serve as documentation of my journey as a GCS and my commitment to the program.

    I conduct research in the biomolecular materials section of the of Chilkoti Group. My current project seeks to create a biomaterial-based cancer vaccine to initiate a controlled immune response against Melanoma. For information about the motivation behind, and the specific details of, my project, see the Research Goal Page. For updates, see the Progress Page.