Center for Human Disease Modeling Website

The Center for Human Disease Modeling

Our Center was founded in 2009 and represents a new, hybrid activity on the Duke Campus that bridges genetics, genomics, cell biology and clinical investigation.

The primary mission of the Center is to develop and implement biological assays to understand genetic variation discovered in patients. We view this effort as critical in the post-genome era and have focused our efforts in four major thematic areas:

1) acceleration of gene discovery

2) synthesis with clinical investigation with basic experimental biology to facilitate molecular diagnosis and, when possible, treatment

3) generation of experimentally tractable models for entry points into mechanism of disease pathogenesis

4) generation of in vitro and in vivo assays that can model human disorders and are suitable for medium- and high throughout drug screening

Ιnvestigators in our Center are focused heavily on all four aspects of our mission, both as part of their personal interest but also as part of our major efforts in providing a synthetic hub that can interface collaboratively with investigators across the Duke campus and elsewhere.