Welcome to your guide on children’s soccer! This sites aims to help you find the right type of soccer experience for your child and family. In many areas, children can play on teams that vary dramatically in level of competitiveness, time commitment required, and cost. Our philosophy is that children who play soccer are people first and soccer players second. The sport should help your kid grow in more ways than physical ability. It should inculcate and embody certain values. Sports can help to educate our country’s current and future citizens. 

In this site, we explore how different forms of youth soccer can bolster community—as a value and a resource. The pages outline at the top of this page offer an overview of the state of of youth soccer and of community life in the US. The pages listed under “Ways to Play” on the right-hand side of every page offer a closer look at the overlap of community and youth soccer in different types of leagues.  We have done our best to select relatively representative case studies for these pages. Our descriptions offer a window into what each type of league can look like. With children playing soccer in almost every corner of our country, however, no one type of league or team will look the same everywhere. Like region of residence, children’s age will also play a major role in determining what soccer experiences will be available to them. Parents can use the broad analyses offered in this website to better identify and assess the options in their area.    

“I think there are a lot of things that soccer does in the communities that transcend the soccer field.”

       -Brandi Chastain (2x USA Olympic Gold Medalist, 2x Women’s FIFA World Cup Champion)


We should also note that this site’s focus is on communities built on playing youth soccer, not on fandom. The two are separate, though often connected. If you or your child develop a love for the game and want to follow it at its highest levels, vibrant team followings will gladly welcome you into their ranks. If you are looking to learn more about professional soccer, soccer movies, soccer books, and so much more, we recommend you check out the hugely popular Soccer Politics website run by Professor Laurent Dubois and his students at Duke University.