How to Archive Your Group’s Records

Ready to archive your organization’s records?

Get started on the process by completing this online form to tell us about your records!

We’ll reply to you with the next steps for transferring them to the Duke University Archives.

  • We’ll give you guidelines for packing up and inventorying your materials.
  • We’ll provide archival boxes that will keep your materials safe while they’re being transferred to the University Archives.
  • We’ll work with you to determine the best way to deliver electronic records to us — whether by Google Drive or DropBox, CD, or flash drive.

Share the plan for archiving your group’s records with your members and faculty advisors.

  • We can help with advice on making the case for archiving your group’s records.
  • You’ll want to make sure everyone is on board with the plan before you begin transferring your materials to us.

Once everything’s archived, don’t forget the work you’ve done!

  • Pass information about your records to your new officers and members, and ask them to visit the Duke University Archives to acquaint themselves with your group’s archival legacy.
  • After you’ve completed your first records transfer, you may want to consider creating a schedule or policy for your organization that will prompt future group members to transfer new records to the Duke University Archives on a recurring basis — e.g., toward the end of each academic year as graduating organization officers get ready to leave campus.
  • You may also want to designate a group historian to study organizational history and serve as your group’s liaison with the Duke University Archives.

Your Organizations Live On at the University Archives