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Capture of Develle Dish homepage, March 4, 2011

The University Archives is exploring new technologies that will help capture information shared on student organization websites and social media channels. This is a screen capture of our first crawl of Develle Dish’s website on March 4, 2011, made with the Internet Archive’s Archive-It service. Since then, we’ve crawled and archived the website 15 times.

Why is this historically important?

  • Websites (and social media) are key components of a student group’s public face. The content, images, and layout choices on a website communicates information about how the group wants to represent itself.
  • They may also be repositories for group documentation, such as meeting agendas and minutes; videos and photos from group events; and position statements or essays from group members.

Capture of Develle Dish homepage, March 4, 2011. From the University Archives Web Archive Collection, 2010-ongoing. Duke University Archives.

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