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First page of Gay Morning Star, March 26, 1973

This document carries a lot of firsts: it’s the first page of an issue of the Gay Morning Star, the first publication dedicated to and written by Duke’s LGBTQ community. And it was published by the Duke Gay Alliance, Duke’s first LGBTQ organization.

Why is this historically important?

    • This is an important moment of visibility—and statement of purpose—for a growing Duke population that had previously been relatively hidden.
    • The printing processes used are significant as well: the Gay Morning Star is simply printed on plain paper with no color images, as opposed to a glossy magazine like Duke Magazine. This may be indicative of the Duke Gay Alliance’s financial situation and editorial resources.

First page of the Gay Morning Star, March 26, 1973. From the Student Organizations Reference Collection, 1913-ongoing. Duke University Archives.

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