Meeting Agendas

Your agendas will outline your activities during meetings. These are very useful—especially in conjunction with meeting minutes, if your organization keeps those.

Transfer to Archives: Annually

Student Organization Committee budget hearings agenda, 1989.

1987-1989 Chair of the Student Organization Committee (the predecessor of today’s Student Organization Finance Committee) David K. Pyle prepared witty handwritten and illustrated agendas like this one to encourage his committee through their yearly round of budget hearings.

Why is this historically important?

  • Money’s always interesting, right? With these agendas, we get a glimpse into the process of portioning out student fees to student organizations: we learn which groups have active charters, which groups ask for appeals, and which groups might receive special funding for their activities.

Student Organization Committee budget hearings agenda, 1989. From the Associated Students of Duke University Records, 1965-1993. Duke University Archives.

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