These records document the rules and guidelines for your organization. They may be updated annually as your organization changes.

Transfer to Archives: Annually (or whenever your group prints a new version)

Front cover of the 1971 DUMBook

Handbooks can be a great introductory source for learning about a student group: they often provide group history, leadership and member rosters, group rules and standards, and information about group traditions and hallmark events. Here is the cover of 1971’s DUMBook—and it’s exactly what you’d expect from the hilarious Duke University Marching Band.

Why is this historically important?

  • Each year’s DUMBook will be an essential resource for anyone researching the history of the Duke University Marching Band.  It shows how the band was organized; its rules and policies; its traditions and general yearly schedule; and more!
  • Visiting DUMB alums like to browse through their handbooks when they return to campus for reunions or other events. Alums are welcome to visit the University Archives to look through student group materials!

Cover of DUMBook, 1971. From the Duke University Marching Band Records, 1958-1978. Duke University Archives.

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