These advertisements for events are great for putting together a full picture of your organization’s activities.

Transfer to Archives: Annually

DRAGO flyer, 1984

Muslim Student Association flyer, 1994

We think of flyers as ephemeral documents, meant to advertise an event and then be recycled. Archiving these flyers helps to catch fleeting activities—events, fundraisers, awareness campaigns—or pinpoint trends in campus life that might otherwise go undocumented.

Why is this historically important?

  • The academic side of Duke student life tends to be well-documented—but we know comparatively less about how students spend their free time. The Duke Recreational Adventure Gaming Organization (DRAGO) flyer helps to document popular student hobbies in the 1980s.
  • The Muslim Student Association flyer helps us to track the growth of a student population: we know that, by 1994, the body of Muslim students or students interested in Islamic culture was sizeable enough that an association was possible.

DRAGO flyer, 1984. From the Student Organizations Reference Collection, 1913-ongoing. Duke University Archives.

Muslim Student Association flyer, 1994. From the Religious Life Reference Collection, 1937-ongoing. Duke University Archives.

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