Financial Documentation

Financial records may seem dull, but they can provide great information about your organization’s events and activities, and document the funding your organization received from DSG and other campus sources. Annual budgets and reports are particularly useful.

Transfer to Archives: Annually

Final box office report for Aretha Franklin concert, April 26, 1969.

The one and only Aretha Franklin performed in Cameron Indoor Stadium as part of 1969’s Joe College Weekend festivities. This report from the Union’s Major Attractions Committee gives an accounting of the tickets sold or comped—and, oops, it looks like the show didn’t quite break even!

Why is this historically important?

  • This report, along with other ticket sales reports from the same year, will help us determine what kind of financial year the Major Attractions Committee had and possibly draw conclusions about students’ interest in attending university-sponsored events at this time (just two and a half months after the February 13, 1969 Allen Building Takeover).
  • It’s important for the Queen of Soul’s history, too. Historians of popular music might look at this to gauge Ms. Franklin’s popularity with young adults during this time period.

Final box office report for Aretha Franklin concert, April 26, 1969. From the Major Attractions Committee Records, 1957-1995. Duke University Archives.

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