What Should My Group Archive?

Your student organization will produce a variety of records. But what materials should you send to the University Archives to document your history?

The University Archives is interested in collecting student organization material in the following areas:

Administrative Records:

Financial Records:

Outreach and Publicity Material:

Additional Materials:

This isn’t an exhaustive list, so talk with us if your group has important documentation that doesn’t match one of these types.

Are there records of my organization that the University Archives cannot accept?

Yes, the University Archives has limited space to store 3-D objects, such as plaques, trophies, t-shirts, banners, props, and set pieces. The Archives may only be able to accept a selection of these items; please email Archives staff prior to transferring these items.

The Archives is also focused on collecting inactive records. If you have materials that you will need to carry on with multi-year projects, please wait on transferring those materials until the project is completed.

Where can I find these records?

Records can exist in both paper and electronic formats. Please look through your dorm room, group storage space, email, or Google Drive to locate records.

What format should the record be in?

You can send us material in either paper or electronic format, whichever is easier for you.

When should I transfer my records?

Archives recommends transferring your records in the late spring, as you prep for change in leadership in your organization. You may transfer records at any time, but as you prepare to transition out of your role, you may find it easier to transfer records—and free up some space in your dorm room!

I’m ready to transfer records! How do I get started?

Start here by completing the online form. Archives staff will contact you soon!

Your Organizations Live On at the University Archives