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List of Student Group Categories

Can select multiple categories, as appropriate. These are based on DukeGroups categories.

  • Academic Organizations (departmental major organizations, academic honor societies, etc.)
  • Arts Organizations (visual arts, theater, dance, music, etc.)
  • Common Interest Organizations (how to define)
  • Cultural Organizations (how to define)
  • Faith and Religious Organizations
  • Fraternities
  • Graduate and Professional Student Organizations
  • LGBTQ Organizations
  • Living Groups
  • Political or Activist Organizations
  • Science and Technology Organizations
  • Service Organizations
  • Sororities
  • Sports and Recreation Organizations
  • Student Government
  • Student Publications
  • Student Union (includes all DUU committees and affiliated organizations, like the Coffeehouse and WXDU)

Let us know about any suggestions for additional categories! Remember that categories should be broad.

List of Student Group Tags

Add yours here! (Please try to keep these alphabetized.)

  • [yrawesometag]
  • ASA (Asian Student Alliance)
  • ASDU (Associated Students of Duke University)
  • BDU (Blue Devils United)
  • BSA (Black Student Alliance)
  • collegerepublicans
  • deltaphirhoalpha
  • dukegayalliance
  • DSG (Duke Student Government)
  • dukestudentmvmt
  • DUU (Duke Student Union)
  • ECOS
  • hoofnhorn
  • lambdapichi
  • migente
  • MSA (Muslim Student Association)
  • phideltatheta

Other Useful Tags:

  • defunct (for groups that no longer exist)