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Research Overview

The coding capacity of the genome is not controlled solely by DNA sequences, but is rather fine-tuned through epigenetic factors and the nuclear structure. In the Yildirim lab, we study how epigenetic mechanisms, particularly those that are mediated by long noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs), complement gene expression, impact genome stability and define cell fate decisions. Other research in the lab focuses on understanding how chromatin-nuclear envelope interactions mediate gene expression programs in stem cells. We are interested in defining the molecular bases of these interactions and delineating their significance in driving gene expression and genome functions. We approach these two main areas of research by utilizing a variety of genetic, cell biological and genomics tools using mouse stem cells and mouse models. In the long run, a detailed understanding of the genetic, epigenetic, and cellular mechanisms that are mediated by long ncRNAs and nuclear structure will allow us to explore their causal roles in disease and cancer.

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