Last game of the day against @TowsonWUltimate !!

Coming back at ya with an update on current events - playing our NC friends @ASU_Nonads in a ~windy~ game 🍃

HEEEELLOOOO EVERYONE just checkin in from REGIONALS - updates! won our first game vs VT on ✨universe✨

WE JUST TOOK NINTH PLACE ON UNIVERSE POINT!!!!! So much fun so much learning @ frisbee we missed you🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️

POV: You’re Swerve. It’s your last game on Sunday at Fusion. It is, indubitably, game day.

see y’all tomorrow! xoxo swerve

finished off the day with a super hard fought game against @HydraNFriends, final score 9-7!!!!

We’re currently up 9-1 on our OTHER good friends @uncelectra just hopping in to say Sydney had a BONKERS bid 😮😮😮

HUGE shoutout to peyto for coming play with us on her grad weekend! HAPPY GRAD TO ALL OUR CLASS OF 2020 SWERVIES WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!🎉🎓🎉🎓🎉🎓🎉🎓

Seaweed takes the game on universe point, 9-8 good game!!!

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