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Here are a few pictures from our Sept. 18 Jordan Lake field trip.  As you can see, your professor is not the best photographer!  Top:  Everyone is deeply engrossed with sampling!  Middle:  Tyler and Stefan looking at zooplankton.  Bottom:  Shamaita, Katie, and Jania about to take a zooplankton tow.

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The weather was somewhere in the high 70’s or low 80’s. There was a slight breeze and it was sunny. We began at 10:00 AM. The Secchi Depths measured were 0.435 meters and 0.41 meters. The boating traffic was low-medium. There were 3 boats when we began and there was a motorboat 2-3 meters from us. The subsurface temperature was 26 degrees Celsius and the oxygen levels were 6.45 ppm and 79.5% saturation. The 1m depth temperature was 25.9 degrees Celsius and the oxygen levels were 6.45 ppm and 78.8% saturation. The time that we ended was 10:09 AM.

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Here is the spreadsheet with the data from today’s field trip added:  JordanLake_2010_zoop_Sept18.  Interestingly, Daphnia lumholtzi densities and dominance (% of total zooplankton)  increased to levels seen in early August.  Check it out:

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Here is the Daphnia lumholtzi dataset that we will build upon as a class: JordanLake_2010_zoop.  Students in the Sept 18 field trip will download this file, enter their data, save the new file as “JordanLake_2010_zoop_Sept18”, and will upload it in a new post for the Oct. 16 group to then build upon.  After the Nov. 13 group completes their work, we will have almost 5 months of data to work with in our research report!  I am excited to see what we discover, and I hope you are, too!

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After each field trip this semester, students will compile their field notes, lab notes, and zooplankton & water quality data using the “Field Notes & Data” page of our course blog.  To post to this page, make sure the blog entry is categorized as “Field Notes & Data”.  This will automatically add the post to the Field Notes page, where all the posts will be compiled for easy reference.  Because each student is attending only one of three different field trips, using the blog in this way will facilitate sharing of each others’ data and field experiences.