SW13: Study of the Effectiveness of Filtering Ballast Water In San Francisco

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Review Panel: Natalie Ferguson, Stefan Cafaro, and Brianca King

Bryan Lockwood, “The Efficiency of UV Disinfection and Crumb Rubber Filtration on the Invasive Species Content in Ballast Water”

Lockwood’s pre-proposal addresses the problem of the transfer of aquatic invasive species through ballast water. Lockwood suggests the use of UV radiation and crumb filtering to decontaminate the ballast water effectively. He will test the success of these treatments through the use of tanks receiving three separate treatments and one control.

Michael Di Nunzio, “Assessing the Risks Posed by the Chinese Mitten Crab”

In this pre-proposal, Di Nunzio discusses the possible correlation between mitten crab invasion and infrastructure damage in San Francisco. He furthers this exploration to address the possibility of an invasion in other areas with important infrastructure. He proposes to test these questions through a study similar to Rudnick et al. (2000).

Caitlin O’Neill, Determining the Efficiency of Ballast Water Exchange in Reducing Species Spread

O’Neill proposes to study the effectiveness of removing invasive species in the filtering of ballast water during an exchange. O’Neill will study this by recording the percentages and types of species filtered out from the ballast water in the boats San Francisco bay. The exchange method, voyage conditions, size of boats, and other factors will be accounted for in her study.

We as the review panel have chosen to fund O’Neill’s study of ballast water in San Francisco bay. We determined our money would be best invested in this project because the outcomes expected from this project are most beneficial to the science community as well as society as a whole. O’Neill also thoroughly supported the necessity for proper ballast water filtration. We also feel that this study can be effective in convincing the government to further regulate control of ballast water exchange. This pre-proposal was chosen over the other two because O’Neill convinced us of the importance of this issue. For instance, Lockwood’s pre-proposal was not chosen because we did not feel he adequately supported the significance of ballast water treatment. The pre-proposal was brief, leaving room for elaboration. He also had several grammatical errors indicating the proposal should be proof-read. Di Nunzio’s pre-proposal was strong, however, we felt his study would not benefit the scientific community as much as O’Neill’s. Although San Francisco is an area heavily invaded by foreign species , Di Nunzio only focused on mitten crabs. O’Neill’s study will encompass all invasions from ballast water, which includes mitten crabs.

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