Comment from Zain

Your argument that the administration had not fulfilled the black protestor’s demands even by 1999 was an interesting take on the subject, and I appreciated it. Your sourcing and analysis thereof were competent and strengthened your argument greatly.

You presented a clear assertion in the introduction and proceeded to support it with evidence throughout. Presenting conflicting statements and proceeding to compare, contrast, and analyze them in order to prove your point went a long way in keeping it interesting and engaging throughout. The way you handled conflicting sources was good, which further strengthened your argument.

There were a few awkward sentences such as “It is a list of demands written by the protestors to represent their demands to everyone and make it very clear what they want as well as justifying their actions,” but they never made it particularly difficult to read. The numbering of your citations seems off, as numbers repeat. I also cannot find your bibliography. The layout of your blog is nice, but the colors are a bit disorienting at the top of the page. I could not find a way to post a comment on the bottom of your article. There are a few smaller grammatical issues throughout the essay such as “it was easy now” in the first paragraph, but again, they’re not too major. Overall, though, I think it is a solid essay.

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