Bio 202 Description

The Biology 202 Introduction to Genetics and Evolution (Bio 202) course at Duke University is taught by Professor Mohammad Noor.  Professor Noor teaches the Genetics and Evolution to around 450 Duke students using a flipped class format and to more than 30,000 individuals across the world through Coursera, an educational technology company that collaborates with prestigious universities to make their courses available online.   188008_noor_lab_thumbnailsThis year, the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) has evaluated and recommended college credit for five courses on Coursera including Bio 202.  Coursera-only Bio 202 students follow a structured class syllabus with weekly lecture videos, pre-lecture quizzes, and problems sets.  Like the Duke students enrolled in the course, Coursera-only students also take the same midterms.  On the other hand, Duke students, in addition to the added component of a laboratory experience, follow a flipped classroom model.   In the flipped class model, students watch pre-recorded lecture videos then come to class to work on practice problems with the guidance of the professor and teaching assistants to reinforce and consolidate the lecture material.

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