Project 3


As with your last project, Project 3 asks you to design a film with iMovie; however, rather than producing a video essay you will be producing a digital story. So, what’s the difference? We will be answering this question throughout the next few classes as we brainstorm topic ideas and workshop story arcs. We will also refer back to our ongoing conversation about the shifting nature of the “scholarly” genre of knowledge production.

While this assignment offers you great latitude in crafting your own specific story, your story must in same way address the topic of knowledge. Your final digital story should be 3-5 minutes in length.

As you begin to design your story, keep in mind the Center for Digital Storytelling’s seven elements of digital storytelling we discussed in class: 1) point of view; 2) dramatic question, tension; 3) emotional content; 4) your own voice; 5) economy; 6) pacing; and 7) soundtrack.

For further information about and examples of digital stories, please see the following resources:

Please see the calendar of assignments for relevant due dates.