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About Dr. Moskovitz’s Writing 101 Courses 

As the first of three courses Duke students must take to fulfill their writing requirements for Trinity College, Writing 101 emphasizes writing as a mode of intellectual inquiry, preparing students to identify relevant questions and articulate sophisticated arguments in their future academic work. Students will learn to apply these writerly skills and perspectives to the work of particular academic fields in subsequent Writing in the Disciplines courses. Writing 101 provides a foundation for students to learn new kinds of writing and become more critical readers of discourse, both inside and outside the university.

My sections of Writing 101 use a current topic in health science as the focus for developing skills in academic reading, writing and research. We will begin with an emphasis on research skills, learning how to locate the most relevant and useful sources for an academic project. Then, using select principles of health science research and statistical data analysis, students will practice careful, skeptical reading as they draft and revise reviews of experimental research reports on various health effects of drinking coffee. Finally, building on their own work and that of their classmates from the first half of the term, students will write scholarly scientific essays discussing some aspect of the current science and its implications for health practice. Audiences for student writing will include both classmates and health-science professionals. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Duke Reader Project (; those who elect to participate will be matched with a Duke alum or employee in a health science field who will provide feedback on drafts of a major writing assignment.