Global Health 777: Infectious Disease Epidemiology in Global Settings – Surveillance, Prevention and Control

GLHLTH 777 is the first online elective offered by Duke Global Health Institute. We provide an in-depth focus on the epidemiology of communicable diseases in global settings. The course content encompasses the individual-level of diagnosis and treatment of an infectious case as well as the population level of disease surveillance, prevention and control. The course also examines the relationships between infectious diseases and environmental health, including veterinary health, and ends with an introduction to relatively understudied global communicable diseases and new approaches to epidemiologic studies.

This course is organized into three complementary modules, each led by a different instructor. The instructors bring a wealth of experience in the study and control of infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, as well as active research programs in these settings

  1. Foundations in Infectious Disease Epidemiology, (Wendy O’Meara)
  2. Disease Surveillance & Prevention, (Gayani Tillekeratne)
  3. Frontiers in Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Steve Taylor)

The goal is for students to become global health scientists and practitioners with practical knowledge of how health programs small and large can confront communicable diseases across different contexts.

The course is part of the inter-institutional education initiatives of the Duke Global Health Institute and welcomes participants from other institutions via the GH777 Global Scholars Initiative. In addition to Durham-based students, we have welcomed students participating from China, Kenya, Peru, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. The online format allows for international participation and brings a truly global perspective to our discussions.

You can view the syllabus here: GH777 Spring2019 Syllabus.