Get Started to Blog


  1. Go to
  2. Click “LOGIN”
  3. Log in with your netid or fill in the box below
  4. Click “+ New” on top of the web page
  5. Click “post”
  6. Type a title for your post
  7. Type the contents in the box below
  8. When you are done, click “Preview” or “Save Draft” or “Publish”


  1. To add a link, highlight the part of text you want to be linked, then click the “link” button on top of the editing box, and paste the web address when a pop up window appears.
  2. To add a picture or pdf file, click “Add Media” on top of the editing box and follow the steps.


  1. By default, post attribute is “Uncategorized”. Choosing or creating a new category for your post, will make it more searchable.
    Scroll down the bar on the right of the browser. Choose a category from exist “Categories” which fits your post by clicking the small box in front of it. Or add a new category if there is nothing fit.
    Click the small box in front of “Uncategorized” and deselect it.
  2. Even better, you can also add a tag for your post. “Tags” is right below “Categories”. Type the key words of your post and separate them with comma.