The First Annual Undergraduate CSCE Conference From July 24-26, 2019, in Tunis!

Nine years after the Arab spring, questions of civic engagement and the role of civil society in the democratic process have remained central in the political discourse of governance and development throughout the Middle East. In a region where nearly two-thirds of the population is under 29 years of age, ignoring youth participation in addressing these questions is strategically problematic. This Conference aims at addressing this problem by highlighting the voices of students and young scholars from the region and beyond. They will meet in a two-day conference to present papers, discuss global issues of collaboration and cooperation across borders and regions.

The three organizing Universities to be represented are Duke University, University of Carthage at Tunis, and the American University of Cairo. Together, this conference represents a step towards the progression on the idea of globalized learning and global citizenship. The ideas shared at this conference will not stay in Tunis – each student will carry the concepts back to their respective countries and shape their views and actions. And the idea of this conference will also, one day go beyond its own walls. This is the first stage in a partnership between these universities, whose membership will grow every year, whose alumnus will aid in the perpetuation, and whose ideas will lead to the creation of a Global Citizenship Institute in the Middle East and North Africa.

We look forward to seeing you in July!