Kris gives invited talks on and off campus (Feb-March 2013)
At the Duke Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Spring Seminar Series (2/4/13), the Institute for Biological Engineering’s Annual Meeting (3/8/13), and the UNC Pharmacology Department’s Spring Seminar Series in Chapel Hill (4/23/12).

Wood lab wins Golfers Against Cancer Research Award (1/22/2013)
Golfers Against Cancer (GAC), in cooperation with the Duke Cancer Institute, funds research by young investigators who are developing new approaches to treat, prevent, or diagnose cancer. Thank you, GAC!

Kris wins the Whitehead Scholars Award (12/17/2012)
The Whitehead Scholars Award supports selected young investigators at the Duke University School of Medicine. Thank you, Whitehead Scholars Program!

Tom Pack is joining the lab as a rotation student
Tom is a Ph.D. student in the Duke Pharmacology program who will be rotating in the group beginning in January. Welcome, Tom!

Ruwan Gunaratne is rotating in the lab (11/26/2012)
Ruwan is a student in the Duke Medical Scientist Training (M.D.-Ph.D.) program who will be rotating in the group from Nov-Dec. Welcome, Ruwan!

Kris wins the BIRCWH Scholars Award (11/7/2012)
The BIRCWH Scholars Award will support research in our lab aimed at identifying personalized combination therapies for genetically-defined classes of breast cancers. Thank you, BIRCWH!

Ashley Peraza-Penton is rotating in the lab (11/7/2012)
Ashley is a student in the Duke Molecular Cancer Biology Ph.D. program who will be rotating in the group from Nov-Feb. Welcome, Ashley!

Kris gives talks on campus (September – October 2012)
At the MSTP lunch seminar series (9/13), the UPGG seminar series (9/18), the Pharmacology & Cancer Biology annual retreat (9/22), and the Pharmacology & Cancer Biology seminar series (10/3).

Neeru Mettu is working with the lab (9/1/2012)
Neeru is a Duke M.D./Ph.D. graduate who is now completing her fellowship In the Duke Hematology-Oncology program. She is a member of David Hsu’s lab who will be spending time in our group developing and using new RNAi-based screening tools. Welcome, Neeru!

Jim Leeds joins the lab (9/1/2012)
Jim is a Duke sophomore who will be using high-throughput computational and experimental methods to design combination anticancer therapies. Welcome, Jim!

Colin Martz joins as lab member #1 (9/1/2012)
Colin graduated from Duke University in May 2012 with a B.S. degree in Neuroscience. He will be studying signaling pathways that control anticancer drug responses as a Research Technician. Welcome, Colin!

Wood lab opens (8/1/2012)!
We are occupying 1500 ft2 of lab space along with cell culture, large equipment, and office spaces in the Levine Science Research Center at Duke.

New paper in Nature Communications (June 2017)
Congratulations to Moiez and our collaborators in the Counter and Bardelli labs on the publication of a new paper in Nature Communications describing the role of codon bias in shaping KRAS-driven therapeutic resistance.

Welcome to Omar Lopez (March 2017)
Omar Lopez, a first year student in the Molecular Cancer Biology Ph.D. program, recently joined the Wood Lab for a rotation. Welcome, Omar!