Grace wins Ghaffari Fellowship! (5/2018)
Congratulations to Grace, who was selected as a winner of the Paul and Lauren Ghaffari Graduate Fellowship, which honors outstanding graduate students studying oncology at Duke. Well done, Grace!

Paper in Nature Communications (4/2018)
Congratulations to Grace and her collaborators in the Wood and McDonnell labs on the publication of a study in Nature Communications that reveals IAP protein dependencies in tumors with altered mitochondrial fission/fusion dynamics!

Welcome, Christian Cerda-Smith! (4/2018)
Christian is a Duke M.D./Ph.D. student who will conducting his Ph.D. studies jointly between the Wood and Reddy labs at Duke. Welcome, Christian!

Kris interviewed on Scientist the Human Podcast (4/2018)
Check it out under the “Links” tab!

Duke spinout acquired by UCB Pharma (3/2018)
Element Genomics, a Duke University spinout founded by Charlie Gersbach, Tim Reddy, Greg Crawford, and Kris Wood, and driven by discoveries in their labs, was acquired by the European pharmaceutical company UCB. Go to “Links” for the press release!

Welcome, Chris Bassil! (12/2017)
Chris is a Duke M.D./Ph.D. student who is joining the lab for his Ph.D. studies. Welcome, Chris!

Paper in Cell Reports (12/2017)
Congrats to Katie, Lorin, and our collaborators on the publication of a new paper in Cell Reports identifying MYC as a point of convergent resistance to RAF/MEK inhibitors in melanoma!

Upcoming talks (12/2017)
Kris will be speaking at the Ludwig Center at Harvard Medical School on January 8 and at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center on January 12.

Grace wins F99/K00! (10/2017)
Congratulations to Grace, who was awarded a prestigious NIH F99/K00 predoctoral to postdoctoral transition award. Well done, Grace!

Congrats, Moiez! (10/2017)
Congratulations to Moiez, who received an NIH F30 NRSA Fellowship to support his Ph.D. studies in the lab. Well done!

Congratulations, Dr. Winter! (9/2017)
Peter Winter defended his Ph.D. thesis on Wednesday, September 20. He is now moving to MIT for a postdoctoral appointment with Alex Shalek and Scott Manalis. Congrats, Pete – we will miss you!

Paper in Cell Reports (7/2017)
Congrats to Grace, Pete, and our collaborators on the publication of a new paper in Cell Reports describing a landscape of cooperating therapeutic targets in KRAS mutant tumors!

Paper in Nature Communications (6/2017)
Congratulations to Moiez and our collaborators in the Counter and Bardelli labs on the publication of a new paper in Nature Communications describing the role of codon bias in shaping KRAS-driven therapeutic resistance.

New lab members! (6/2017)
Our newest lab members are Hazel Ang, a Ph.D. student in Pharmacology; Amy Stewart, a Ph.D. student in the Cell and Molecular Biology Program; Min Lu, our new lab manager; and Catherine Yip, a new research technician. Welcome, Hazel, Amy, Min, and Catherine!

Congratulations to departing Wood lab members! (March 2017)
Congratulations to Lorin Crawford, who successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in Statistical Science! Lorin will become an Assistant Professor in Biostatistics at Brown University this summer. Congratulations also to Elizabeth Stein, who finished a two-year stint as lab manager and will be heading to medical school this fall!