New paper in Science Advances (10/2021)
Congratulations to our colleagues at Duke, MUSC, and Celldom on the publication of a study in Science Advances describing a platform for massively parallel phenotyping of single cells. We demonstrate the use of this system to directly identify and quantify rare drug resistant tumor cells. Congrats to everyone involved!

Welcome to new lab members! (10/2021)
The Wood lab welcomes new members: General Surgery resident Annie Liu and Research Technicians Haley Hutchinson, Holly Kim, and Seth McKee. Welcome, Annie, Haley, Holly, and Seth!

Congrats, Dr. Ang! (5/2021)
Congratulations to Hazel Ang on her successful Ph.D. defense! She is now a postdoctoral fellow at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Well done, Hazel!

Congrats to Ben and Vir! (5/2021)
Congratulations to Ben Zolyomi and Vir Patel, Duke MD students who each won prestigious Stead Scholarships to support their 3rd year research projects in the Wood lab!

Congrats to Kevin and Moiez! (3/2021)
Huge congratulations to Kevin and Moiez, M.D./Ph.D. graduates from the lab, on getting their top choice matches for residency training.

Welcome, Jude Raj! (12/2020)
The Wood lab welcomes Jude Raj, a Duke M.D./Ph.D. student who has joined the lab for his thesis research. Welcome, Jude!

Welcome, Christie Eyler! (7/2020)
The Wood lab welcomes Christie Eyler, M.D., Ph.D., a Medical Instructor in the Department of Radiation Oncology who will be conducting postdoctoral research in the lab. Welcome, Christie!

Welcome, Jake Hoj! (6/2020)
The Wood lab welcomes Jake Hoj, Ph.D., an NCI F99/K00-funded postdoctoral fellow in the lab. Welcome, Jake!

Kris profiled by UK College of Engineering (4/2020)
The University of Kentucky College of Engineering recently profiled Kris for its “Faces of UK Engineering” series. Check it out under the Links tab!

Setting a trap for drug resistant cancers (4/2020)
Duke CAGT nicely highlighted our recent work published in Nature Genetics. Check it out under the “Links” tab!

Paper in Nature Genetics (3/2020)
Congratulations to Kevin, Justine, and their colleagues on the publication of a study in Nature Genetics that describes the use of chemogenomic screens to identify genes that exhibit antagonistic pleiotropy, then outlines how to use this information to design anticancer evolutionary traps. Congrats, guys!

Welcome, Chris Delaney! (2/2020)
The Wood lab welcomes Chris Delaney, a new Duke M.D./Ph.D. student in the lab. Welcome, Chris!

Welcome, Shane! (12/2019)
The Wood lab welcomes Shane Killarney, a new Duke M.D./Ph.D. student in the lab. Welcome, Shane!

Kevin wins Chancellor’s Award (10/2019)
The awards keep coming for Kevin Lin, who was named a recipient of the 2019 Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence, the highest honor given by the Duke University Medical School in recognition of outstanding achievements by a graduate student. Congratulations, Kevin, on this well deserved honor!

Kevin wins Bell Award (9/2019)
Congratulations to Kevin Lin, who was awarded the prestigious 2019 Robert and Barbara Bell Basic Science Cancer Research Award from the Duke Cancer Institute. The Bell Award recognizes an outstanding research accomplishment by a Duke/DCI trainee. Kevin will deliver his award lecture and receive a $5,000 prize at the upcoming 6th Annual DCI Scientific Retreat.