Clairefontaine, the training facility for the French national teams, is well known for developing talent for the men’s and women’s teams (

France, the hosts of the 2019 Women’s World Cup, are currently ranked 3rd in the world.  However, betting odds currently have them even with the United States in terms of likelihood to win this summer: they are the host country and beat the United States 3-1 in a friendly this January.  In 2015, France was knocked out in the Quarter-Finals by Germany and this summer they will be in a tough group with 12th ranked Norway, 14th ranked South Korea and 38th ranked Nigeria.

Like Brazil, France also has a very strong men’s team, currently ranked 2nd in the world and the defending World Cup champions.  France is known for having strong development programs for national team players, for both men and women.  They also rank 12th in the Gender Gap Index and 16th in the rankings of female participation in government, all clearly pointing to a nation likely to have a strong women’s team.  In the other factors examined they ranked 41st in GDP Per Capita, 21st in population, 71st in economic freedom and 20th in average level of education.  Due to their high scores in the three categories that were determined to be significant, France is a textbook example of a nation poised for success in women’s soccer.


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