Brazilian fans cheer on the men’s team at a 2014 World Cup game (;_fans)_16.jpg)

Brazil is currently the 10th ranked women’s team in the world.  In the 2015 World Cup, they advanced to the Round of 16 and were knocked out by Australia.  This year they are in a group with 6th ranked Australia, 15th ranked Italy and 53rd ranked Jamaica.

Brazil currently has the 3rd ranked men’s team, one of three factors examined that was found to be strongly correlated with women’s success.  However, in the other two factors, the gender gap index and the rate of female participation in government, they rank 95th and 133rd respectively.  Also notable is that they have the 3rd largest population but rank 110th in GDP Per Capita, 150th in Economic Freedom 95th in average level of education.

Brazil is known as a soccer crazed country and this is reflected in the fact that both their men’s and women’s teams rank in the top 10.  Other than this, their large population is the only factors that suggest they would have such a strong women’s soccer team.


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