Health and Wellness Seminars

De-stress with WiSE and Puppies!

April 12, 2018

Join WiSE and the Duke Canine Cognition Center for a puppy break! Learn more about the puppies here.

Webinar on Sexual Harassment

February 28, 2018

Dr. Karen Kelsey from the popular blog “The Professor is In” is leading a webinar on sexual harassment in academic settings. She will offer recommendations to combat the issue of sexual harassment in the academy in the context of the #MeToo moment. She will discuss why academia is so conducive to this form of harassment and give suggestions to help vulnerable populations recognize and confront harassment, including the pros and cons of filing formal complaints and the current resources and limitations of Title IX policies.

Self-Defense Class with Karate Master Diane Whitfield

January 20, 2018
March 4, 2017

Join the women of WiSE for a free self-defense class led by karate master Diane Whitfield!

Mid-Week Self-Care

November 15, 2017

Feeling overwhelmed, busy, and stressed? Join WiSE and DuWell Student Development Coordinator Justin Sharpe to learn about techniques for relaxation using aromatherapy. Happy + Hale will be served for lunch, followed by the workshop. During this time we will create our own aromatherapy essential oil mix to take home and learn about additional techniques and resources for self-care at Duke.


Your Questions About Sexual Misconduct Answered

February 22, 2016

As graduate and professional students we are put in a unique position regarding sexual misconduct, distinct from both the undergraduates and the staff and faculty. Some instances can be handled internally whereas others may be best suited externally. How might you deal with sexual misconduct in your department or in your personal life? What are your resources, options, and the various pros and cons? This Q&A panel and discussion session is intended to answer your questions — those you have and those you may not realize you have — about your options and areas of concern regarding sexual misconduct within your campus life, personal life, or both.

Our panelists are:
– Victoria Krebs, Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Outreach and Response at Duke
– Janice Humphreys, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Nursing with expertise in women’s health and interest in intimate partner violence, PTSD, and lifetime trauma exposure among others
– Kate Selby, Sexual Assault Services Coordinator at the Durham Crisis Response Center
– Cynthia Clinton, Director of Harassment and Discrimination Prevention and Compliance, Duke Office of Institutional Equity

Love Yourself: A Workshop on Self-Compassion

February 17, 2016

Dr. Holly Rogers and Jennie Dickson from Duke CAPS will join us to talk about being kinder to ourselves! Bring your own lunch–dessert will be provided.

Academic Couples Panel

April 5, 2011

Many grad students and postdocs face the two-body problem. Learn how two faculty couples at Duke deal with dual academic careers and work/life balance. Our speakers are Emily Bernhardt and Justin Wright (Biology) and Liz Brannon and Michael Platt (Neurobiology).

“Where Fears and Aspirations Meet: Confidence and Self-Concept in Graduate School”

April 28, 2010

How do we as women hold on to our strength and resilience in the face of competitive and challenging academic work environments?  How do we claim our knowledge and thrive? Where do we go to connect to the joy of work?  Are the petty tyrants both inside and outside of us? Join CAPS staff members, Libby Webb and Rebekah Jackson, for a discussion about sustaining ourselves and thriving in the face of high demands in a competitive environment.

“Time Management” by Donna Hall

March 31, 2010

Do you find yourself wasting valuable time or giving priority to the wrong things in your work life? Come learn how to manage time effectively from Donna Hall, the director of Duke’s Academic Resource Center.

Breast Cancer Research/Health Awareness Seminar

October 21, 2008

Come join WiSE for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To help promote awareness, WiSE will host a panel discussion highlighting new advances in the screening and prevention of breast cancer with special focus on epidemiologic research of breast cancer occurrence as well as on approaches to maintaining breast health. Joellen Schildkraut, Professor of Community and Family Medicine,Vicky Seewaldt, Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of the Breast Cancer Prevention Program, and Liz Stoioff, currently with the Duke student health center, will be leading the panel. Please RSVP online. We’ll also be taking orders for $5 pink WiSE totes to benefit breast cancer research. Buy them at the event or order yours online! The totes will be delivered the second week in November.

Building and maintaining healthy relationships

April 8, 2008

Have you found yourself having to face the prospect of a long distance relationship with your significant other? Or are you interested in ways to keep your relationships healthy? Join us for a small group workshop with Dr. Gary Glass from Counseling and Psychological Services. Dinner is provided. This event is limited to the first 30 RSVP’s, so please RSVP early! Couples, singles, and anybody else are welcome to attend.

Balance Your Life: A Panel Discussion on Children and Work

October 19, 2007

Are you a proud mother trying to balance your career and children? Are you worried about being able to maintain your career if you start a family? Is it possible to accomplish your dreams without sacrificing too much? What options are available to those who don’t have a strong family base? At this event we’ll hear from a diverse panel of women about how they handle balancing their careers and children. Panelists include: Leslie Lerea, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, UNC Graduate School; Amanda Moehring, NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke Biology; Tanya L. Otte, Meteorologist, Atmospheric Sciences Modeling, NOAA-EPA; and Phoebe Acheson, Senior Library Assistant, Bostock Library, Parents@Duke.

Balancing Career and Family

October 13, 2006

Balancing work and family can be a precarious act. Is it possible to accomplish your dreams without sacrificing too much? Who is going to pursue graduate education while the other works? What kind of options are available to you when you don’t have a strong family base? This workshop will give you an opportunity to hear from a panel of women who have a diversity of backgrounds and how they handle balancing careers and family.

Panelists include: Haiyan Gao, associate professor in physics; Nancy Allen, professor of medicine and special assistant to the provost; Susan Roth, professor of psychology and special assistant to the president and Dean of the Social Sciences; and Amanda Moehring, Ruth L. Kirschstein NIH, NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow in Developmental Biology.