© 2016 Nancy Bartolome, J.D.

Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Duke Winter Academy, 2016. This is the first of a kind in Beijing, and I am excited to be part of it. We will go together on a week-long journey during which we intend to prepare you for becoming young leaders in this world. This program will give you a taste of self-awareness, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. These are all very important, if not the most important traits of great leaders. You will learn empowering tools and insights that will enable you to continue to grow as a young leader even after you mastered the program. You will also learn how to be effective as a leader in the western education system. Yet, the design of the program and the lessons we teach are not limited to western principles. The teachings from this leadership program are human-centered. The program will be highly experiential, which means that we will together experience various perspectives of leadership in play time, project work, exercises, sharing and discussions. It will be fun, interesting, engaging, awkward, fabulous, emotional and everything else for which we all, young as well as senior leaders, will contribute to through our participation. I look forward to unleashing the power of leaders in all of you. Let’s enjoy the precious time we spend together and get the best from each other!