© 2016 Nancy Bartolome, J.D.

Welcome Letter

Welcome to the 2016 winter class of Duke University’s Winter Academy! We are honored that you will join us for our first course in Beijing! In this program, we will help you strengthen your leadership for academic and career success. Expect to practice leadership throughout the program, and to expand your understanding of leadership. You will learn to demonstrate leadership in your relationships, and in every moment as you interact with the world around you. There is no formula for becoming more influential as a leader. Your path to leadership will not be the same as the leaders you admire. We will help you chart a path that is unique to who you are and who you can become as a leader. We will introduce you to basic leadership skills, concepts and experiences to help you become a stronger leader when you are in charge, and when you are working within a team. You will learn to demonstrate leadership in various situations, even when under stress. You must do the work. So, what do you want for your leadership? What impact do you want to make on the world? How will you bring what makes you unique as a leader to support those who will follow you, and those you will follow?

I look forward to meeting you and working together to create an unforgettable learning experience.


Vernice Jones