© 2016 Nancy Bartolome, J.D.


If I were asked to choose a topic for today, I would say it will be “understanding”. And by this, I mean very, very deep understanding. To start with, we also did a meditation, like before. What was different about this is that we worked in pairs and sat face to face. We were asked to look into our partners eyes and try to feel the connection between each other. And for me, it was hard,  because the “connection” is kind of abstract. it is not the thing we can actually feel with our hands or arms. But the longer I stared, there was something in my soul that started to sprout: it really is lucky to have my partner as my partner in thirty people and even luckier for us to meet in this world line. I think this is one of the connections we have. Then we started “Our Land” project. While we, the students, were writing things we want and don’t want, teacher were doing the same things and we shared after. The thing I found interesting is that we all have pressures coming from each other: we get pressures from our teachers, and teacher get pressures from us, too. So maybe talking between teachers and students can be quite important. However, it can be quite hard to communicate because the “invisible wall” between us. Is the wall really existing? Or just an assumption? That set me thinking. We should put ourselves in other people’s shoes when the ideas are against one another. Think about why they won’t agree with you and try to find a way you two would both agree. Then we can both live in harmony.

2016 Participant- Winter Leadership Academy in Beijing