© 2016 Nancy Bartolome, J.D.

Sharing About Our Feelings

Time goes fast, tomorrow is going to hold the course ending ceremony. I feel a bit sad. Today is even colder than yesterday, many classmates got a fever and couldn’t come to participate with us. We also played some interesting games as the other day in the morning, we continued our topic of Lands Work. This time it was teachers at Bayi and the students. We exchanged about our lands and had a deep communication with our teachers. In the afternoon, we played some fun activities as usual, including telling stories and sharing our feelings about it. We drew some expressions on paper and help them up when our teacher told a story about a conflict between our parents and us. I am honored to have the chance to study here for the leadership courses as our friends are traveling the world. It’s really my pleasure!
2016 Participant-Winter Leadership Academy in Beijing