© 2016 Teresa Cerrato-Amador

An Interactive Way to Learn about Assumptions

It’s another fun filled day! After a one day break, we restarted our course. The feeling is great to meet teachers and friends again. Of course, we have done such a lot of activities which has helped to let us know the meaning of assumption and fact and how our behavior is depending on this. This includes an activity, where the teachers tell a part of their story then ask us to tell what is true and what is an assumption. At last, they completed the story to see whether our assumptions are true. Also, during drawing what we think teachers would say is part of todays class. We know more about them by doing this. I feel they are our friends. We cannot believe Elias and Collin are still single! This makes me wonder about the American values and how they are different from the Chinese values. What a meaningful day!

2016 Participant-Winter Leadership Academy in Beijing