© 2016 Nancy Bartolome, J.D.


What a biiiiing day! I’m really glad to participate in this winter leadership academy. After doing a lot of interesting and meaningful activities, I get to know what leadership is not only to order other people to do something but also to cooperate with your teammate. In addition, one of the most important things to a leader is to just accept everyone’s advice. You just listen to their words, and you don’t need to judge their advice in advance. Just accept them. And I really love to share my “high dream” and “low dream” with my partner and perform the gesture to describe my partner in front of the class. What’s more, I find it fun to do some attractive games with our teachers. Not only can we have great fun but also let me to know how to get on well with someone who has different culture.

-2016 Participant- Winter Leadership Academy in Beijing