Lab News and Photos

May 2024

Welcome to Alex!

Our first undergraduate summer student is spending the next few months with us through the Summer Undergraduate Research in Pharmacology & Cancer Biology (SURPH) program!

Department Kickball Game, May 2024

Pharmacology vs. Molecular Cancer Biology

Matt makes a homer!

ASPET 2024, April 2024

Nora, Laura, and Pooja enjoyed the science and networking in Washington, D.C.!

March 2024

Welcome to Nora, who is joining our lab from the Pharmacology Ph.D. program!

January 2024

Welcome to Rebecca, our first undergraduate student!

December 2023

Congratulations to Brandi and Amanda!

Their new manuscript is available online at Molecular Pharmacology. This has been a wonderful collaboration with the Cheloha lab at NIH/NIDDK!

Annual PCB Halloween Party, October 2023

Our lab racked up the ribbons this year!

Winner of “The Most Scientific Pumpkin” Category: The Dangers of Mouth Pipetting

First Place in Costume Contest: Scooby Doo and the Story of the Haunted Laboratory

PCB Departmental Retreat, Wrightsville Beach, NC, September 2023

Having fun at the party after two days of amazing science!

August 2023

Introducing our newly minted PhD CANDIDATES!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Matt and Nana on acing your prelims!

Bowling with the Tsvetanova Lab, August 2023

Welcoming our two newest members, Amanda and Pooja!

Matt and Amanda celebrate strikes!

BioCoRE Symposium, July 2023

Matt and Nana present their award-winning posters!

Photo credits: Les Todd

Wingler Lab, May 2023

Sending Brandi off to grad school!

ASPET 2023

Duke at ASPET 2023- Tsvetanova and Wingler Labs

Matt, Nana, and Laura at ASPET

Nana presents her poster at ASPET 2023!

Halloween 2022

Brandi and Matt prepare to represent the lab in the Annual PCB Pumpkin-Carving Contest.

Wingler Lab, May 2022