Using WID Gallery Assignments


The assignments on this site are contributed by Duke researchers and teachers and edited and annotated by the Duke WID Gallery team.

They appear on this site under a Creative Commons Attribution license (unless otherwise specified at the top of the assignment document). That means you may:

  • copy an assignment in its entirety,
  • copy any part(s) of an assignment, and
  • revise/adapt either of the above as needed.

And you must:

  • attribute the assignment to its original author, who is always listed at the top of the Word page. On your own version of the assignment, include a statement such as one of these:
    • This assignment was adapted from materials created by [name of author].”
    • “Parts of this assignment were adapted from materials created by [name of author].”

How to use materials on this site

Each assignment page presents the assignment and our editorial commentary in an embedded Word file, like this one:

Click the small document-and-triangle icon SkydriveClickButton on the bottom right of the assignment document to print it, or to download it as a Word (.docx) file.

The Word file includes comments pointing out key features of the assignment design which are easy to borrow and use in your own assignments.

If you want to use the assignment text for teaching, you can easily remove the comments in Word by choosing “Review” / “Comments” / “Delete” / “Delete all comments” in Word.