Projects/Working Papers

Partial List: 

“Remittances, Unemployment, and Deportees’ Decision to Remigrate in a COVID-19 Era.” With Elaine Denny, Diego Romero, and Erik Wibbels. [Paper proposal accepted at Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy]

“The Human Impact of Deportation.” With Elaine Denny, David Dow, Diego Romero, Juan Tellez, Mateo Villamizar-Chaparro and Pamela Zabala.

“Migration and the Expectation of Risk” With Elaine Denny and Emily Ritter.

“Historical Exposure to Statehood and Political Violence.” With Jan Pierskalla and Juan Tellez.

“Historical Exposure to Statehood, Ethnic Exclusion, and Government Legitimacy.” With Chlouba and Pierskalla

“Identifying and Characterising Slums in Bangalore using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery.” With Nikhil Kaza, Raju Vatsavai and Anirudh Krishna.

“Citizen Cooperation with the Police: Evidence from 18,000 Households in Guatemala.” With Elaine Denny and David Dow.

“Communities or Commerce?: Evidence from Micro-Hydro Projects in Nepal.” With Soomin Oh and Robyn Meeks.

“Incentives, Audits and Corruption: Evidence from a District-Level Field Experiment in Ghana.” With Elaine Denny, Ngoc Phan and Diego Romero.

“New Interests, New Measures, Old Problems: An Analysis of the Latent Dimension(s) of Democracy.” With Serkant Adiguzel, Mateo Villamizar Chaparro, Scott de Marchi and Jeremy Springman.

“The Political Geography of Government Projects: Evidence from +/- 45,000 Projects in Ghana.” With Nahomi Ichino and Martin Williams.

“Incentives, Capacity and Illicit Financial Flows.” With Pablo Beramendi, Marco Morucci and Joel Turkewitz.

“Social Density, Voting Banking and Clientelism.” With Jeremy Spater.

Slummier than Others: A Continuum of Wellbeing in 279 Slums.” With Emily Rains and Anirudh Krishna.

“Government Services, Personal Security and the Geography of Accountability in  Latin America and the Caribbean.” With Diego Romero, Gary Bland, Derick Brinkerhoff and Anna Wetterberg.

“Measuring State Capacity Across Geography.”

Social, Political and Economic Networks in the Slums of India.” With Jeremy Spater and Anirudh Krishna.

“Land Title, Settlement Recognition and the Emergence of Property Rights: Evidence from 157 Slums.” With MS Sriram and Anirudh Krishna.

“Clientelism, Traditional Leaders and Governance: Evidence from Citizens, Administrators and Elected Officials in Ghana.” With Anna Schultz and Heather Huntington.

Political Networks, Clientelism and Public Goods: Evidence from Slums in Udaipur.” With Guadalupe Rojo and Subhash Jha.

State Building and the Geography of Governance: Evidence from Satellites and Civil Wars.” With Florian Hollenbach and Mike Ward.

Accountability in Local Governance and Service Delivery: An Agenda for USAID Program Design.” With Jonathan Rodden.

The Geography of Governance in Africa: New Tools from Satellites, Surveys and Mapping Initiatives.” With Heather McGee.

“Who is ‘the Market’ and What does it Want?: Public Policy, Bond Markets and Credit Default Swaps.” With Layna Mosley and Victoria Paniagua.

Economic Openness, Social Insurance and Development in the other 85 Percent of the World.”

Natural Resources, Trade and Development: The Quest for Mechanisms.” With Ellis Goldberg.

“Foundational Bargains: Distributive Conflicts and Representation in the Birth of Federations.” With Pablo Beramendi.

Electoral Incentives, Group Identity and Preferences for Redistribution.” With Francesc Amat.

“Social Insurance, Labor Markets and Public Support for Trade and Democracy.”

“The Resource Curse and Political Contestation: Evidence from Seventy Years’ Worth of Elections.” With Ellis Goldberg.

Veto Players, Firm Characteristics and Rent Seeking: Evidence from 120,000 Firms.” With Ben Barber.

Insiders, Outsiders and Electoral Politics.” With Melina Altamirano.

The Political Origins of Dualism.” With David Rueda and Melina Altamirano.