Genomics of Host-Microbe Interactions


ENV/BIO/GENOME 148FS – Genomics of Host-Microbe Interactions: the Symbiotic Web

(Freshman Focus course)

Next offered: Fall 2016 (taught by F. Lutzoni); Fall 2017 (taught by J. Wernegreen)

 Genomic approaches have uncovered a microbial world of astonishing diversity, including numerous microbes that interact with hosts. Our own bodies contain 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells and 150 times more bacterial genes than human genes. A deeper appreciation of microbial interactions is revolutionizing our understanding of life’s history, ecology, and human health. This course will explore how hosts and microbes affect each other’s genomes, trajectories of parasitism and mutualism, ecological significance of microbial symbionts of plants, fungi, and animals, as well as molecular and cellular mechanisms of homeostasis. Open to students in the FOCUS program only.