Brazilian Football: A Short History

By Rosa Toledo and Vinay Kumar

Edited and Updated by Taariq Shabazz and Danielle Lazarus in 2015


Football isn’t only the most popular sport in Brazil; it is also the most important. This country’s passion for football doesn’t come as a surprise because it holds a record number of victories in the FIFA World Cup. In fact, Brazil is the only country that has qualified for every single World Cup. There are over 10,000 Brazilian players all over the world, testament to the fact that this country is filled with talented players. [i]

Brazilian football is taken very seriously. If the national team is playing in an important match in the World Cup, employers will let their employees take time off to watch the game! The following pages offer a crash course to the history of this football-crazed country.

Brazilian Football: A Short History

Did You Know?

Brazilian Football History Timeline


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