Uruguay Manager

Óscar Tabárez

One of the longest tenured managers in professional football, Óscar Tabárez has been the lead man for the Uruguayan national team since 2006. In fact, this is Tabárez’s second stint as the Uruguayan manager, previously in office from 1988-1990. He has guided his nation to three World Cups, one of which culminated in a 4th place finish, and was also responsible for their 2011 Copa América victory. Lovingly referred to as “El Maestro,” Tabárez is known for his up-tempo attacking style. His side breezed through qualification, securing its third straight spot in the field of 32. Uruguay’s recent success is in large part thanks to an influx of young talent which El Maestro has been tasked with integrating alongside the established staples of Suarez, Cavani, and Godin. How he is able to manage the transition from the old guard to the new will likely be the key behind Uruguayan success in Russia.



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