Poland Manager

Adam Nawałka

Adam Nawałka, who will be at the helm of the Polish national team, has been here before. In 1978, Nawałka was considered one of the best young talents in the world. He played the full 90 minutes of every game except one and was even named to the best XI of the World Cup. He was also only 19. He spent a vast majority of his career at Wisła Kraków, racking up 190 caps. Unfortunately, his career was derailed by recurrent injuries as he fell out of the national team squad and saw an early end to his playing career. He has spent his entire managerial career in Poland, even managing his senior club for three separate stints, before being appointed head coach of Poland in 2013. He was at the helm for famous milestones such as an away victory in Euro qualifiers against Germany in 2014 and even took Poland to its first Euro quarterfinal ever. With a 53% win percentage and a world class striker in Robert Lewandowski, Nawałka and his team may just be the dark horse to watch out for at this year’s World Cup.




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