Laurent Koscielny

Coauthored by Jeremy Roth and David Talpalar


(Courtesy of ESPN)

Koscielny, a “pure” Frenchman, figures to slot in at the other center back position alongside Varane, especially given that Koscielny’s main competition for the spot, Mamadou Sakho, recently failed a UEFA drug test. At 30 years old, Koscielny is a fantastically experienced center back at the club level, although he has already been surpassed by Varane for international appearances.

Despite making just 23 appearances for his country, Koscielny has played over 300 matches for the first team at club level. Since moving from France in 2010, he has plied his trade in Arsenal’s back line, sometimes slotting in at right back, but more often at center back (ESPN). He has been a central figure for the Gunners since his arrival, and Arsenal have endured great success since his arrival.

Koscielny’s style of play can be considered traditional. Alongside Per Mertesacker, his powerful but slow moving center back partner at Arsenal, Koscielny has proven his fleet of foot and good tactical awareness. He is also quite useful from corner kicks in attack as well. He has even scored 15 goals in his time at Arsenal, none bigger than the one below, which not only demonstrates his offensive ability but also his clutch ability in big game situations.


Koscielny equalizes for Arsenal in the FA Cup final (YouTube)

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