Mesut Özil



Coming off a World Cup championship, German superstar Mesut Ozil will be the driving force in the midfield of an International Powerhouse looking to assert total dominance over Europe. Known for his vision, accuracy, and ability to control the game, the “assist-king” will look to translate these skills into creating scoring opportunities for a German side teeming with offensive power. Ozil’s success in exposing the gaps in defenses will be a key factor for Germany in making a deep run in the tournament. On top of simply craving a victory of some sort after another probable fourth place finish in the English Premier League, Ozil has begun stirring doubt about his future as an Arsenal Gunner by stating he will not negotiate the terms of his current contract until it expires in two years. A player of his caliber is bound to be looking for either a substantial increase in pay or transfer to another powerhouse club that has a better shot of winning trophies, but whatever the reason may be he will begin building his case this summer in France.

Other Players:


Forwards: Zlatan Ibrahimović

Midfielders: Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modrić, Dimitri Payet, Robbie Keane, Arda Turan

Defenders: Jordi Alba, Vlad Chiricheș, Ashley WilliamsTaulant Xhaka

Goalkeeper: The Gianluigi Buffon


Forwards: Eden HazardJakub Błaszczykowski

Midfielders: Yevhen KonoplyankaGökhan Inler, James MilnerBalázs Dzsudzsák


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Written By: Austin Tran and Chris Arora


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